School groups are welcomed at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art with a versatile program of tours and activities developed for the students of different school levels.

The program goes through the history of baroque classical equitation and of the Lusitano horse, in an involving and attractive way it appeals to the participation of all. The Parques de Sintra and Portuguese School of Equestrian Art tour teams promote the pedagogical adequacy of the subjects in a captivating and informal way without neglecting the historical accuracy. We privilege the contact with professors and personalize field trips, when solicited, in order to make the visit to the School an unforgettable experience.

Measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission

  • Activities adapted to involve as little handling of materials by participants as possible;
  • Group sizes according to the limitations stipulated by the Directorate-General for Health; Use of face masks and other personal protective equipment by employees of Parques de Sintra;
  • Participants (over 10 years old) required to wear face mask or visor in indoor spaces;
  • Promotion of regular hand sanitising;
  • Reinforcement of frequency of sanitising and systematic disinfection of spaces and equipment used;
  • Electronic payments recommended;
  • Minimum social distancing to be observed.
  • Equipment certified with Turismo de Portugal’s ‘Clean & Safe’ seal

Additional Information

With the exception of free tours, all the activities require booking and previous payment.

Birthday Parties

The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art will be made known in an adventure that will take participants to follow clues, solve puzzles and discover countless curiosities about its history and that of its protagonists. As a team, you will meet the riders dressed at the time, the handlers and the horses. The demand continues with a Game of the Court: the handkerchief game, which was played in the 18th century in the gardens of the National Palace of Queluz, with an adaptation of equestrian elements. Finally, you can watch the training and rehearsals of the horses and riders in the Horse Riding Ring.

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